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How To Invest In Bitcoin From Australia Cheaply

How To Invest In Bitcoin From Australia Cheaply

So you may have heard 1 Bitcoin has neared US$50,000! With Elon Musk investing US$1.5 billion, Apple and MasterCard rumoured to get in on the bandwagon you’d like to be a part of the action, but just don’t want to fork out $US50,000.

Well thankfully there’s a very handy way you can get started and what’s more you’ll get AU$0.25 worth of Bitcoin for free when you sign up and get your investment account structured.

How to invest in Bitcoin without a Bitcoin wallet?

One way of being able to get a piece of the Bitcoin action is to own an investment where somebody else has done all the hard work in getting Bitcoins.

A very easy way to do this in Australia is to invest in companies or managed funds that own Bitcoin.

One such managed fund that invests in Bitcoin on your behalf from Australia is:

Raiz Invest

Which managed fund in Australia invests in Bitcoin?

Raiz Invest allows you to automatically siphon funds from your transaction accounts and will automatically allocate those funds to your preferred portfolio distribution.

Currently Raiz has several different types of portfolios to choose from, each made up of ETFs on the ASX, or Bitcoin.

If your looking to choose a portfolio that invests in Bitcoin click on the Invest tab on the home page of the app, then on Portfolio, then you will see the available portfolios to allocate your funding into.

Bitcoin investment 5% of Sapphire portfolio
You can even see what this translates to in dollars with your portfolio analysis

Currently the portfolios containing Bitcoin from Raiz Invest are:

  • Sapphire (BTC makes up 5% of the portfolio), or
  • Custom Strategy (maximum allocation of Bitcoin available is 5% of portfolio – Raiz may raise this in the future especially if their customers have the appetite for it!)

Be mindful that the Sapphire portfolio costs $AU3.50 per month to hold, plus 0.27% of portfolio balance. Whereas creating a Custom Strategy will cost slightly more at $AU4.50 per month, plus 0.27% of portfolio balance.

If you’re looking to get in and get started with a small amount ($50-$500) I’d recommend you start with the Sapphire portfolio, but if you’d like more control over how your portfolio is allocated across the various ASX ETFs and can swallow the monthly charge then go for it.

36,000 happy Sapphire investors


Micro-investing is becoming standard practice with the advent of apps and the ease with how banks and app developers connect. Raiz offers an excellent way of being able to siphon extra cash to your account and you can get started with a free $5.00 in your account today!

If you elect to use the link below and choose the Sapphire portfolio that means your free $5.00 will have 5% allocated into Bitcoin, a whopping $0.25!