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Personal Finance Cash Flow Budget: Free Spreadsheet Budgets

Personal Finance Cash Flow Budget: Free Spreadsheet Budgets

Throughout the last 10 years I’ve been doing cash flow budgets with my wife.

However, our cash flow budgets when I first started managed our family finances were quite “raw”. I thought if I could slap some numbers on a spreadsheet and put some words like, “budget”, or “cash inflow”, or “cash outflow” then I could tell everyone at parties I have a budget.

But little did I realise how pithy my initial attempts at managing our finances through that spreadsheet were!

Over the years I’ve found ways to constantly evolve our budget spreadsheet so that it would be easier to manage, easier to compare and easier to see the impact of our decisions.

Our Budget Spreadsheet Free For You

We’d like to share the very spreadsheet we use in being able to manage our personal finances.

To help acquaint you with the spreadsheet I’ve created a quick 9-minute screencast video where I demonstrate:

  • How to cast your budgets according to whatever time period interests you;
  • How to read a simple cash flow report;
  • How the spreadsheet helps to show all the core data you need to make an informed decision on your finances.

If you like this video it would mean a lot to me personally if you could “like” the video, and if you certainly have any questions about the spreadsheet please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments area underneath the video.

I hope this spreadsheet will help you and your family to manage your finances, just as it has for us throughout the last 10 years.

Free Budget Google Sheet

As you can see from the above video with the free cash flow forecasting spreadsheet you can enter your recurring budgeted amount per cycle and it will automatically calculate when these payments will occur through the time period entered.

Cash Flow Forecast
Once you’ve entered your recurring and one-off inputs the spreadsheet calculates the net cash flow over time

The budget spreadsheet is completely open source, it will prompt with a warning if you accidentally modify a field containing a formula, but you can override this prompt if you happen to know what you’re doing.

Besides displaying the future projection of your recurring budgeted items, you will also see a fancy pie chart reflecting the distribution of income.

Pie chart income
See how your income has been distributed with your cash outflows

To grab your free copy simply click the link below and from the File menu click on Make a copy, and you can then input your own cash flows.

Budget Spreadsheet Version Control

Version NumberRelease DateNotes
1.02020-07-29Initial release of Google spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel Budget Version

If you would also like a copy of the Microsoft Excel version you can grab a free copy by going to our release page:

Excel cash flow budget spreadsheet


If you have any feedback for what you’d like to see added, or removed feel free to comment in the video’s comment area.

I hope the cash flow spreadsheet can help assist you with managing your own personal budget, or can at least help you get started in developing your own budget.

Either way, I hope it helps you maintain a budget making you aware of your financial situation to help achieve your goals faster.